James Novello on Encouraging Paramedic Health

Why Physical Health Matters as A First Responder

Fitness is crucial for all first responders on the job, regardless of rank or age. On emergency calls, first responders are often required to use their strength and endurance in many different ways. They may be lifting obese patients at awkward angles or throwing ladders during hectic scenes or even fighting with altered and intoxicated patients. Since the type of strength needed can vary depending on the situation, it is important to train using a variety of disciplines.

Is Mental Health as Important as Physical Health in an Emergency Situation?

Paramedics and first responders can face countless difficult situations that are incredibly time sensitive and require rapid problem solving. They include car accidents, natural disasters, and complex medical responses. Repeated exposure to traumatic events or witnessing severe injuries take place have the protentional for negative psychological effects. There are a number of healthy coping techniques and manners of living that are very effective at preventing these sorts of injury.

Healthy Techniques While in the Field

Depending on the location, first responders may work for days or weeks in a row and be so busy that they have very little time for exercise. Despite a lack of time, quick exercises can be done and small easy changes can help improve their lives.

The Balance Between Mental Health and Physical Health

Mental health professionals should be specifically trained to treat injuries specific to first responders. While not all departments are the same, James Novello believes department personnel are often the best individuals to treat their fellow members. There is no better way to gain the trust of relatively untrusting people in order to best diagnose and treat complex symptoms.



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James Novello

James Novello

Experienced Ex-Firefighter & Peer Support. Located in San Francisco, California.